Interview: Todd La Torre of Queensrÿche

Condition Human is out, how does it feel to have not only this one but your second Queensrÿche album under your belt? it is awesome, there\’s those bands that bring a hired gun singer and with this band that’s not the case.  My roots are firmly planted in Queensryche.  In my opinion, this record doesn’t sound like 1986 material, it\’s very current and we can and are very relevant in today\’s scene.

To you,  does Condition Human feel more like the 15th Queensrÿche album or your second?

I\’d say … my sophomore album.  For many years, the band used outside writers and we don’t do that because that ain\’t Queensryche. so yeah this is my sophomore album

What was writing process like for this record?

It took a long time because we were touring a lot and once you get home you need some down time.  There\’s  also five people to get on the same schedule and we didn’t want to force it either, so it took a bit.

As you get further in your Does it take longer to separate yourself and get into the groove of living a normal life when you get off the road or does it take less time.

It honestly becomes a routine. when I first get home I\’ll go to the store and get groceries, go and get my dog, go and have dinner with my mom and that’s all I do for a couple days. after that I\’ll start getting  in contact with friends etc. When you get home from the road everything\’s really slow. There\’s no meet and greets interviews and stuff. it\’s really an odd feeling.

With you coming into the band and as well as the first record did, was there any internal pressure with the release of the of Condition Human?

I always believed that this record would be different and  all of us in the band, were very proud of that.  Of that self-titled record that we put out.  I think there\’s always that question of boy I hope that people like this one as much as the last one if not more.  So I mean definitely, it\’s an uncertainty as to how the music is going to be received and how your ideas translate. I don\’t think that we ever had a doubt that that it was going to be anything other than good.  We had a lot of great ideas and things were evolving really well and when you start hearing the demos you get excited about the direction. I\’m not even worried about how it\’s going to stand up to the last one, I just believed in what we\’re doing and everyone felt great about writing new songs so that was the overall feeling of the band was.  Yeah let\’s write it, let\’s write a new kick ass record. We know that you\’re  going to be supporting this record but what\’s the rest of this year looking like for you guys and also into 2016? We have four or five shows left in 2015 and then we will start our own headlining tour and those dates will be announced very shortly here.  I just got the tour schedule two days ago with all of the dates for the beginning at least for January.  We\’re going to do a solid month.  I think it\’s 25 shows in 30 days and we\’re going to go out starting January 7th and we\’re going to a for a month of our own shows with two support acts . In February we do the Monsters of Rock cruise and then a couple weeks off and then back at it in the states in March. Were in talks to possibly go to Japan, South America and a bunch of places we either haven\’t ever been or been in a long time.