Interview: Richie Guise of Social Repose

Only days before the release date of the newest record \”Yalta\”, Social Repose mastermind Richie Guise was gracious enough to sit down and answer  some of our burning questions.


Obviously, you have made & released music for a while now but Yalta gives the feel a  much larger endeavor. How has your music & vision of  Social Repose  changed since the beginning?

Well. The project is an entirely different beast than what it was when I started out. I think Yalta is definitely my most cohesive effort I’ve put together under Social Repose. To give you some perspective, I released 2 eps in the first 2 months of being officially a thing (on Facebook, anyway) and I guess I didn’t put nearly as much time and thought into the writing and mood as I do now. The mood is an incredibly important aspect of Yalta.


 You just released the second video from Yalta for Island of Yours. The videos visual imagery matches the strength of the song! What message were you trying to convey?

A lot of folks thought I was trying to be reborn and scrap my current image. I actually just wanted to make a statement on identity and how fluid it can be. I can shave my head and burn all my stuff but I’m still attached to the internet regardless of what I look like.


Where do you usually gather songwriting inspiration & what is your usual songwriting process?

I have a couple of go to albums when I’m writing. Imogen Heap’s album Sparks was a big one for me.  Isolation is key. I lock myself in my home studio and intentionally drive myself a little crazy. That’s when the most out of the box ideas hit.


Now that it\’s all said & done, are you completely satisfied with Yalta?

No. I’m getting closer to being happy with my work, though. I’m happy with the direction but I think there’s a lot of unexplored territory for the future.



What do you like least about being a musician?

Trying to make enough money to keep going. It’s heart breaking when you have to beg fans to put food on the table but I suppose it’s something a lot of artists go though. It’s unfortunate when money gets in the way of creativity.

If you could go back in time, what would you change regarding your musical career?

I would have started sooner. Maybe been less trendy with my approach to song writing. It’s good to mimic your idols when starting out but you’ve got to break away at some point.


 What advice would you give to beginners?

I’ve answered this question from fans all the time and I say the same thing, haha. Find a gimmick. Nearly every artist has one. With the digital age, you won’t be successful for just being good at an instrument. You’ve got to find something about your project/band that is completely unique from anyone else.


What was the best advice you were ever given?

Keep experimenting. Never get comfortable.


Are there any details of a Social Repose tour for 2016?

Not yet! I’m looking into some possibilities for shows in February/March in the US but right now I’m building my internet presence. YouTube can be like a needy girlfriend sometimes.


You recently made a video audition for Americas Got Talent. Have they been in contact? If you were to make the show what would be the 1st song you\’d play?

I actually did the audition last weekend and totally choked. I kinda set myself up for failure, though. I was doing a live loop cover of Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes but I didn’t give myself enough time to practice with my new looping device. Live and learn!


A big thanks to Richie and we wish you nothing but success!