Interview: Radkey

\"Radkey\"When Kansas City trio of brothers and newly signed Another Century Records rockers Radkey  played their Riot Fest after show at Chicago’s Double Door last weekend, we made it our duty to not only catch their energetic live set but to sit down and pick their brains as well.  

Radkey Just signed with the label Another Century Records, how did that all come about?

Isaiah – Well, we worked really hard on the latest record, Dark Black Makeup and followed the attitude of “we’re going to do whatever we want” as far as no specific genre etc. and the label understood what we were shooting for and it went from there.  

The record Dark Black Makeup was released in August of 2015 on Little Man Records. What are your plans for your first release on Another Century?

Isaiah – We are going to re-release Dark Black Makeup with some additional tracks.  

Little Man Records is “your” record label. What do you plan on doing with the label now that you’re on Another Century?

Isaiah – We’d like to keep the name but since we were the only band using Little Man is most likely gonna let it sit on the back burner for now.  

What I really love about you guys is that you don’t put your sound into one small box. I hear shades of bands like The Misfits & Queens of the Stone Age. Is that diversification something you try apply of is it something that just comes out?

Isaiah – I think that it comes natural. Solomon – We believe that rock is really just doing what you want without any rules.   \"(5)\"  

The band has worked with some pretty high profile producers like Ross Orton & Bill Stephenson.  What did you take away from working with them?

Isaiah – Bill was pretty harsh in some ways but in a good way. Dee – Bill’s big thing for me was that he wanted me to not sound too much like a crooner with the tone of my voice. Isaiah – We worked with Ross in San Francisco and England and he didn’t have any internet. He wanted us to be completely focused on every part of the music. Solomon – The last three days with Ross he brought an X-Box in. Isaiah & I were so stoked!  

With this show, Radkey has played in Chicago four or five times in 2016. Is this your home away from home?

Isaiah –Pretty much, dude we love playing this city Dee – The people in Chicago have always been awesome to us and what’s not to love?  

If Radkey had the opportunity to induct a band and record into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame what would they be?

In unison … Weezer / The Blue album  

If Radkey was a sexual position what would it be?

Isaiah – Well, no one has sex at all. So I guess it would be disappointment!