Interview: Matriarchs

We recently caught up with Ben Levi of the California HxC band Matriarchs. If you\’re a heavy music fan & you haven\’t given Matriarchs debut record, Scandalous Jointz a spin, You\’re missing out on something magical!


  • Can you give us a quick summary of how Matriarchs came together?

 Alfred, Allan, Miguel, Marty and I have all played in bands together prior to putting this band together.  When we met Richard everything fell back into place and we started jamming again.


  • You worked with Nick Jett of Terror as a producer on Scandalous Jointz. Was there anything specific that you walked away with that you’ll use on future recordings?

Yes he definitely helped me develop and shape my guitar tone.  After working with him I ended up getting a whole new rig, which sounds a lot better.


  • How did your previous bands help shape Matriarchs?

The Matriarchs material as a whole is the culmination of us as musicians jamming together.  With the exception of our vocalist, we have all been playing in bands together locally for close to a decade.  So we are hoping this time we got it right HA.


  • There’s a distinct difference in the sound & the message between NYHC & West Coast HxC .  What I found interesting about Scandalous Jointz was that it felt like you managed to meld both together. Which coast has your favorite bands?

The East Coast for me has always been extremely influential in my writing, most of us can agree on the classic nyhc bands as being major influences on us, but of course, we are all from the west coast with the exception of Richard so we definitely give the sound a unique flavor.


  • How do you balance your music with other obligations – mate, children, and job?

Well the beauty about our situation is we don’t answer to anyone but ourselves.  We do this because we love it, we don’t answer to deadlines or demands we take our time and do what we love the way we want to do it.  Our families come first, and our careers help us provide for those families are how we finance our passions.


  • If you could go back in time, what would you do differently?

Personally, I would have prioritized my time and efforts better when I was younger and focused more on developing as a musician in the projects I had in the past. Then again there are so many moving parts to making an artistic project a success that you do have to learn through experience over time.


  • Are there any plans for touring on the horizon?

We all have families, day jobs and live very busy lives but we are always looking for the right opportunities to get out of dodge.  We have a few things in the works but nothing solidified yet.


  • Who would you most like to collaborate with? 

Jonah Jenkins, Puerto Rican Myke, Jorge Rosado, Rob Watson, and Eric Stevenson


  • What embarrassing songs might I find on your mp3 player? 

We all listen to everything but I’m sure there’s plenty on mine to be embarrassed about.  I’ve been known to rock the Pretty Reckless from time to time (YIKES)


  • If you could dabble in another genre of music, what would it be?      

Gypsy Jazz.


  • Any celeb crushes? ….. Everyone has at least one.

Margot Robbie, and Gael Gadot. (Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman)

  • What was the best advice you were ever given?

Show the people within your musical community the same respect you wish to be given on to you.


  • What one piece of advice would you give to that 16 year old kid wanting to start a band?

Don’t compromise your principals but always be open to collaborating with people with more experience than you.


  • If there were to ever be a HxC Hall of Fame what would be your nominations in these three categories?

Band – American Nightmare, Agnostic Front, Earth Crisis, Terror

Record – Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire

Vocalist – Scott Vogel, Roger Miret