Who are the members & what are their main roles in the band?

Bryan Vargas – Guitar/Vocals, Frank Rosado – Vocals, Vito Barbosa – Guitar, Paul Granda – Bass, D.J. Azcona – Drums

Tell us the brief history of your band

After the demise of our previous bands, me(Frank) and Bryan, decided to take some material we had previously had written together and spend some real time with it. When everything began to develop we went about filling out the lineup. Through a mutual friend we found a drummer, and the writing process kicked into high gear. Multiple long nights and rewrites led to our current Nowhere Fast EP, which was recorded with our friend Michael Anderson. With the EP recorded, we filled out the lineup and began playing as many shows as possible. We have worked to establish ourselves regionally and currently are working on expanding outward.

Give us one Band that’s had the most influence on you personally & musically?

Musically, our most obvious influence would have to be Buffalo\’s Every Time I Die. As diverse as our individual tastes may be, we meet in the middle with ETID. The raw energy and passion that ETID has produced on album has never ceased to inspire us. Personally, our influences fall all over the musical spectrum. Individually our answers may change day by day on such a broad question. Underoath, Glassjaw, Thrice, Converge and Fit For A King are only a few examples of from where we draw our personal inspiration.

How important is social media in promoting your band and shows?

Social media for promoting nowadays has become paramount for bands like us. With media constantly evolving, it\’s a constant learning process in finding ways to connect with our audience. We do our best to constantly interact with our audience through social media with video updates, flyers, merch and new material.

Describe your performance visually and musically.

Visually, our live show is a mess of swinging guitars, stomping and sweat. We do our best to give 100 percent each show and leave it all on the stage. Musically, we strive to maintain the balance between energy and precision. We look to make every performance as unique as possible.

If you could go back and change one thing you know now but didn’t know when you started the band what would it be?

All of us have been through the ringer on our music careers thus far, so to be honest, nothing has made look back just yet. Our band is sill pretty young and we are excited for whats to come for us.

What are the biggest obstacles your band has faced throughout its existence?

Being such a young band, we haven\’t had to many obstacles come our way just yet. A couple of member changes have slowed things down a bit but we\’ve always had some good friends to fill those voids. Starting a new band from the ground up is an accomplishment in itself, so our continued existence is a testament to our individual dedication. We look forward to the struggles that come with age.

If your band were a sexual position which one would it be & why?

Ass to mouth; just because.

What are your goals for 2016?

In 2016, we hope to be able to release new material in both the first and fourth quarters. We have great new merchandise in the works, and also have a music video or two up our sleeves. 2016 is the year we plan to take everything to the next level with all aspects of the band. We want to expand our reach nationally by touring and meet as many new people as humanly possible. 2016 is the year we make the name LOWCOUNTRY more than just an album by Envy On The Coast. We want to thank everyone for their continued support. We will not disappoint in 2016.


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