Interview: Elevation Worship

Elevation Worship is a unique concert experience and they’re about to hit the road this week in support of their latest record, Lion, on the Elevation Night Tour. Elevation Worship member Tiffany Hudson sat down recently to talk about what fans can expect at the shows and how powerful their shows have been for them and fans alike.

Q: Can you tell us more what to expect on an Elevation Night tour?  

TH: Elevation nights is going to be an incredible night to come together and worship Jesus. We’ll be singing a lot of the songs God gave us during the pandemic that we’ve not gotten the chance to lead outside of Elevation yet. We’re going to hear a word from Pastor Steven Furtick that will encourage our faith. It’s just like church, but extended a bit. It’s going to be amazing!

Q: How does it feel to have received your first Grammy Award?  What does that mean to you all?

TH: Receiving a Grammy for our album “Old Church Basement” was a huge honor. The heart of the album was to encourage people to get back to what it was like when we first started following Jesus, so the fact that it was recognized is another opportunity for people to encounter Jesus that way.

Q: 14th record with LION.  What is different about LION than other albums?  How have you seen things change over the years you’ve been a part?

TH: LION is a very unique & diverse album. It has a variety of different genres represented in the same project. Over the years, I feel as though our sound has not been limited to one thing, but rather expanded to many different voices & styles of music. That’s really a reflection of our ministry. You’ll see different shades, backgrounds, church history all represented at our church. I’m proud that this album is a true representation of the body of believers God has assembled in our ministry.

 Q: Touring with Steven Furtick, what is it like?  How have you seen it impact crowds?

TH: Touring with Pastor Steven is so much fun. It feels like we are literally bringing our church on the road and getting to do ministry with family.

He always has an encouraging & convicting message that I’ve seen thousands of people impacted by.