Interview: Constellations

FRR: Alright, if you guys want to go ahead and introduce yourselves? John: You’re the singer Brie: So what? Start, go around! Kira: I’m Kira! Brie: I’m Brie John: John Shea: Shea FRR: This is Constellations. We’re here at The Marquee because you guys are opening up for Authority Zero. How did that come about for you guys? Shea: We played a show here in December, and immediately following the show—I want to say like a week later—the producer texted us and was like, “hey, are you guys free at the beginning of February?” FRR: Oh, that’s awesome! You’ve got to make those connections. So you guys have been in the studio recording your first EP. How has that experience been for you? Brie: Oh, awesome! FRR: How hype are you guys to get this thing out? Kira: So hype Brie: I’m having real problems containing it Shea: It’s kind of at that moment where it’s in my car and I always want to jam to it, and I’m like, “wait.” Brie: I just want to shoe everyone Kira: It seems like, conceited to tell everyone, “look at our amazing album,” and play it for everyone FRR: No, for sure. Did you guys run into any hiccups or problems during the process? Shea: Not really, we had a lot of fun with Hiram’s dog Brie: Hiram’s dog! Shes: Hiram’s dog like jumped around and messed with us. He like jumped into the cameras and stuff. Kira: He scratched my lens, but it’s fine FRR: You know, casualties. Brie: Damage must be done. John: No dogs were harmed in the filming of this video FRR: So looking back, what would you guys do differently next time? John: A guitarist Kita: Maybe the layers of the songs Brie: We’re actually looking for a second guitarist now, so I think it’ll be cool to get another member in there to make sure we get as much out of it as possible. Shea: Exactly, like the whole concept of mastering as well, because there are times where we could definitely be more cohesive in the way we write. FRR: Absolutely. That kind of stuff just comes with time. Kira: Yeah FRR: Speaking of which, you guys are coming up on a year of bandhood. How do you feel you’ve grown during that time? How have you changed? Shea: Well, I don’t think I’ve seen John in shorts since the first day he came to rehearsal. Kira: Very true John: [laughing] Shea: Long pants every other day. So there’s that FRR: So seeing each other’s legs John: Yeah, I got bullied Kira: We’re definitely more comfortable with each other. They [pointing to the other three] beat each other up all the time, and it includes me now. FRR: For sure, and I’m sure that influences your writing process as well Kira: A lot. We’ll throw a little shade at each other in there John: Lowkey writing songs about each other FRR: So what do you think your strong points in recording are? John: Hiram? Is Hiram our strong point? Brie: We’re really supportive of each other. John: I think he is Shea: Really, I think open-mindedness. Kira: Yeah Shea: We went into the recording process with a lot of our songs like, finalized. Especially with me, I thought like this is how it should be. Our producer, Hiram, was like “we could totally change this and make it more publicly acceptable,” instead of something I think is better. Which is cool, because I’d never worked with any kind of producer before. Hiram definitely showed us the ways of writing good music. FRR: The music scene in Phoenix is super unique, especially in terms of young musicians. It’s something that’s just a completely different world from anywhere else. Brie even goes to the same high school as some of the members of Baseline. What’s been your experience with that? Brie: It’s really incredible to be in a scene where you become friends with the people you play shows with. You actually bond with them. You have people you can talk about how your band’s finances are doing, how your music is coming along. Even just personal stuff— John: Which person in the band do you hate at the moment? All: [laughing] Brie: It’s really great to be in a place where you can bond with everyone so easily. FRR: Absolutely. I’m from Indiana, so when I came to Phoenix, I was like, “what’s even happening?” You guys are obviously super young, how do you manage school and work and band hood— All: [laughing] John: I mean, I don’t. Kira: When Shea and I were in high school, we were in marching band. So we’d practice what? Like 30 hours a week? Shea: At least. We were there at like 6:00 in the morning until like 9:00 at night. Kira: Oh yeah, John too. It’s just like all these hours, and then you have to go to work, then do band. It’s a lot of… I would say time management, and being good at it, but that would be a lie. FRR: That’s like, a goal though. Shea: For us, I think we actually enjoy doing this. Which kind of seems like, of course, but I feel like there are a lot of people who don’t like going out and spending time with their people. We’ll have weekends like this where we’ll literally be together every night before and after the show. FRR: You kind of have to like each other a little bit. Kira: A little bit. Brie: Exactly, just make sure you’re with people you enjoy being around. Shea: It also makes balancing school a little easier. FRR: For sure, being around people who have the same problems as you. Kira: Yeah Shea: Exactly FRR: So something I’ve noticed is that you guys are awesome with social media. A ton of bands completely lack that dimension. How does that shape the way you function as a band? Like, you have no secrets. Shea: I think that’s it. One of us will say something funny, and then Brie INSTANTLY—“I’m tweeting it right now.” Brie: It’s just because I feel like it’s important to be relatable. Like you said, we’re balancing all these things, and I’ve had people come up to me like, “oh, you’re in a band, you don’t have a job.” I’m like, “oh, if I could tell you…”Just being really open on social media is important, because we’re a band, we’re students, we have jobs. FRR: Yeah, it definitely helps you connect with fans and people who support you. Obviously you guys have an EP coming out—highly anticipated—but other than that, what’s coming up for you guys? Summer’s right around the corner, maybe hitting the road? Kira: We’re just really trying to build a bigger fan base, make more connections, play more shows, write more music. Brie: Just getting out there! FRR: Any touring, maybe? Shea: That’s like, the dream. Brie: That’s like, the dream, yeah! [Brie and Shea high-five] Kira: That’s not like, in the near future that we can see, but who knows? Brie: We’re definitely trying to get there. FRR: For sure, I was at This Wild Life last week, and they said they had a small tour planned, but Dashboard Confessional called them like, “you want to come with us?” and they were like, “okay!” and cancelled their tour. Brie: Please! Shea: That’s crazy FRR: So stuff pops up, you never know. Kira: Exactly. FRR: This has been Kelly Fox with The Front Row Report and Blaze Radio. Thank you so much to Constellations for coming out and talking with us tonight.