Imagine Dragons bring Night Visions to Indy\’s Egyptian Room

  \"IMG_9695\" by Reggie Edwards Imagine Dragons’ Night Visions Tour made a recent stop at Indianapolis’ famed Egyptian Room with direct support from Nico Vega and Atlas Genius. Nico Vega opened the night for a sold out capacity crowd. Starting with a statement that their drummer had a personal tragedy and couldn’t be with them, they would be playing an acoustic set to carry on the show. \"Nico Usually electric and full of energy, the members of Nico Vega played what can only be described as one of the most moving and powerful acoustic sets the crowd had probably ever seen. Next up were Aussie pop rock outfit Atlas Genius, who have really picked up some steam lately , which was obvious by the thousands of screaming fans that sang along to virtually every song. \"Atlas There’s no denying their popularity and they put on a set full of crowd favorites and radio hits. However, after about halfway through the set, most of the songs started to sound the same. Capping off the night was an extraordinary performance from Imagine Dragons, who blew the roof off the place. \"Imagine The stage was decked out with evening nature décor and four drum and Imagine Dragons began with a drum-heavy intro that left many speechless. You have to wonder if the band are a bunch of drummers at heart because throughout their set they would intertwine drum solos from all the members into each song. It’s amazing how much energy the band has, running from drum set to drum set, from snare drum to giant drum to the microphones, there was not one moment where all band members stood still. \"Imagine Not enough can be said about the crowd too, overpowering the band at numerous times, it gave you chills to hear how decisive the fans were. This led to an even more dynamic stage presence and performance from Imagine Dragons. Blasting song after song, “Radioactive,” “Tiptoe,” “Bleeding Out” and more from their breakout Night Visions album, Imagine Dragons left the crowd satisfied on every level. Not to mention the fight that broke out in the VIP seating afterwards; there’s nothing like a good fight to end a family-friendly Imagine Dragons concert…not. Come on, people, there were kids in the crowd. It was sad to see. Nonetheless, the atmosphere was irreplaceable and nearly indescribable and a great show for any family.   Click here for more photos of Nico Vega Click here for more photos of Atlas Genius Click here for more photos of Imagine Dragons