Ill Nino Release New Video \’Blood Is Thicker Than Water\’

Ill Nino has released “Blood Is Thicker Than Water,” the third music video from the album Till Death, La Familia, available in stores and digitally everywhere.

Watch “Blood Is Thicker Than Water” on VEVO.

“’Blood is Thicker Than Water’ is more than just a piece of music to me,” confesses frontman Christian Machado.  “Writing the lyrics seemed to me, at that point in my life, to be a healing process than anything else.  Two years to that exact date, I held the hand of a beautiful human being and I watched her take her last breath.  After her death, I held her for an hour, I cried, I thanked her for all her beauty, her innocence, and her love.  I felt an incredible amount of regret, it was possibly the most painful moment I will ever go through in my life.  I cannot put into words the feeling.  I can say I attempted to put that emotion into the lyrics of ‘Blood is Thicker Than Water,’ but I know the depth of the words cannot bring to light the pain and suffering that she went through and also the mourning that followed.  When we perform the song live, I sometimes have to put all my power into not being succumbed by that emotion once again.  I hope the song can reach into the hearts of everyone who hears it. I hope it allows her beauty to live forever.”

After wrapping up the “Civil Unrest Tour 2015,” their first U.S. tour since 2014’s Mayhem Festival, ILL NINO hit the European festival circuit, including a performance at Wacken Open Air in Germany, and a South American appearance at Rock al Parque in Colombia.

The band is slated for back to back performances in the Philippines on September 25th and 26th, with more ILL NINO U.S. and international dates to be announced soon.

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