Ill Nino- Epidemia

\"\" by Reggie Edwards Like a raging storm, Latin metal icons Ill Nino are back with Epidemia, their latest release and their first since 2010. You don’t have to be a fan of Ill Nino or be familiar with the band in the least bit to find enjoyment in this record- there’s something for  everyone¬ in Epidemia. Everything you could ask for in a metal record or an Ill Nino record is here. You’ve got heavy, hard-hitting guitars, fast-paced double bass drums, ear-splitting and in-your-face vocals and the lyrical content is intelligent and clever, as usual. Ill Nino fans have been waiting quite awhile for this one and those who have stuck around for the release will not be disappointed, that’s for sure. This is Ill Nino at their best and to promote the record, they have been on the road with Static X and fellow Victory Records label-mates, Emmure. Static X were recently forced to withdraw from the tour due to frontman Wayne Static’s health concerns, leaving Ill Nino as the headliner. Frontman Cristian Machado spoke about the upcoming record as well as the current tour. We had the honor of being the first exclusive interview since Static X’s withdrawal. Epidemia Rating: 8/10 Listen to the full interview here: Frontman Cristian Machado talks about Epidemia and current tour:  Ill Nino Interview with Cristian Machado \"\"