ICP to release \”Yum Yum\’s Lure\” EP February 17 AKA Juggalo Day

Take a sniff of the deadliest flower ever seen on this Dirt Ball or any other planet as pop culture icons and rulers of the Juggalo kingdom Insane Clown Posse present the first glimpse of the almighty 5th Joker\’s Card of the Second Deck … Yum Yum\’s Lure EP!

On Wednesday, February 17, 2021 — celebrated as Juggalo Day around the world — Yum Yum\’s Lure will be available on all digital music sites.

Don\’t miss your chance to experience the mystery, the madness, and the magic of Yum Yum\’s Lure — the devastating new release from ICP.

Get it here and here — on February 17.