ICP annoucnes Loons and Goods of the Red Moon June

Summertime is almost here and things in the Insane Clown Posse and Juggalo world are heating up with the devastating flavor Loons and Goons of the Red Moon June. All ninjas who subscribe to ICP\’s Patreon series will not only be able to stream the entire June broadcast, but you will also be able to watch all previous shows from October, December, February, and April. That\’s over 40 episodes of nonstop freshness!!!  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 2:  ICP\’s Welcome to The Jam Exam (Ep 3): The third installment of ICP\’s beloved Jam Exams, this episode, filmed directly from Violent J\’s home office, ICP and Jumpsteady examine the songs from the Forgotten Freshness series and why they didn\’t make it onto an album. Tune in to find the full story about your favorite forgotten bangers! SATURDAY, JUNE 5:  Old Ninja Olympics: They say only young, in-shape athletes can participate in the Olympics. We say that\’s bullshit! Join Violent J, Shaggy 2 Dope, and Jumpsteady as they compete against each other in the Old Ninja Olympics. Featured games include horseshoes, bowling, and pig. MONDAY, JUNE 7: Controversy Head On: This podcast discusses issues of controversy, such as what exactly is going on with King Krimson? And where is Brad X of the Kottonmouth Kings? Get ready for shit to get real as some of the greatest controversial mysteries are examined! WEDNESDAY, JUNE 9: The Paradox: An Infinite Discussion of Time: Time. It\’s an unstoppable force to which all laws of the universe must bow. Since the dawn of mankind, people have pondered the nature of time and now it\’s ICP\’s turn to get philosophical and shit. Join them—if you dare—for an in-depth discussion about time and its effects upon all of us. SATURDAY, JUNE 12: The Return of ICP Theater: Thumbs up! Up where?! Yo mama\’s ass, bitch! Join ICP as they watch videos sent in by YOU the Juggalos! Featuring special guests stars that you won\’t believe, \”ICP Theater\” is BACK, baby! MONDAY, JUNE 14: The Great Milenko Saga: The release of the fourth Joker\’s Card, The Great Milenko, left a worldwide impact that\’s still being felt today. Join ICP and Jumpsteady for a very special look into how The Great Milenko came into existence.  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 16:  Mad Professors Lab (Ep 2): Come up to the lab and see what\’s on the Mad Professor\’s slab! Those crazy scientists Violent J, Shaggy 2 Dope, and Jumpsteady are at it again, experimenting with all manner of wackiness and flavor. SATURDAY, JUNE 19: ICP\’s Late Night Funhouse Talk Show (Ep 3): The third installment of ICP\’s late night talk show, featuring a Who\’s Who of special guests! There will be a house band, live studio audience, and much more! Get ready to see who our next guests are! MONDAY, JUNE 21:  Violent J\’s Bigfoot Show: Where the f*ck IS Bigfoot? It\’s gotta be out there somewhere, right? If he\’s out there, the Wicked Clowns will find him. Join ICP as they go squatch hunting deep in the forbidding woods of Michigan. Will they find Bigfoot? Tune in and find out! WEDNESDAY, JUNE 23: JCW\’s Blackout Brutality:  There\’re no rules at this ultra-bloody JCW bash except — every third match is a flashlight match, where the lights of the venue are shut off and the only light source becomes the flashlights held by the crowd members! This event will be held at the Crofoot in Pontiac. Watch for tickets as they become available very soon! SATURDAY, JUNE 26: ICP\’s Chicken Huntin\’ Hootenanny Hoedown Show: Who knows what insanity lies in the deepest backwoods? There are rumors of murderous inbred cannibalistic tribes who distill Faygo moonshine and hang out with Willy Bubba, terrorizing unsuspecting victims foolish enough to trepass into these woods. What\’s the truth about the ones who stalk these woods? You\’re about to find out, bitch, at ICP\’s Chicken Huntin\’ Hootenanny Hoedown Show. Come dressed in your best Western gear (flannel shirts, cowboy hats, etc.), partner, and witness the devastation of Hillbilly Wrestling, plus a special concert from Insane Clown Posse. This LIVE concert event will be the third installment of the Ultra-Live Monster Five series. If you wish to attend this ultra-dope event in person and receive the next Ultra-Live Monster Five Coin —this time you must physically attend the concert — stay tuned for upcoming announcements.