Live: I Prevail in Indy

I Prevail set the world on fire a few years ago with their debut full-length, Lifelines, but they torched it and burned it down with their sophomore, Trauma, earlier this year. The album saw them getting heavier and more aggressive and they recently hit the road with Issues and Justin Stone- the latter of which found himself on Trauma

When the tour was announced for Indy’s Egyptian Room, it began selling like crazy and the venue was packed almost to capacity, making for a hell of a night.

After Justin Stone wrapped up a set that saw him walking on the crowd and making sure the other two bands had their work cut out for them, Issues took over and raised the bar even higher. They’ve been getting hotter with each album and their current run has seen them bleed over from the metalcore and underground scene into the mainstream metal world and their popularity was on display in Indy, with the crowd screaming almost every song back to the band, making sure I Prevail had to work for everything they got that night.

The lights went down, the crowd went insane and I Prevail exploded onto the stage and never looked back, opening with “Bow Down,” and the crowd absolutely lost their shit. 

From here to the end of the set, the intensity from both the band and the fans didn’t let up at all. I Prevail proved firsthand why they’re one of the fastest-rising bands in all of metal. They took time to talk to the crowd, opening up the personal gates and letting them in, discussing where they were mentally between albums and how much it means to them to have such a passionate fanbase.

In the end, this was exactly what a rock show should be. Both sides were indescribable and left it all in the Egyptian Room. If you weren’t an I Prevail fan going in, you left as one. If you went in a fan, you left with more reasons to be one.

-Reggie Edwards

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