Humangled: Prodromes of a Flatline review

Humangled\’s sophomore effort, Prodromes of a Flatline (to be released on Bakerteam Records, 23 June), is a compelling death metal concerto between vocalist and band that ebbs and flows through torrents of melodic blood and harmonic gore. From the start, Humangled alternates between guitars that pulsate and guitars that actually respond to the band\’s vocal talent. It is a compelling conversation that continues and intensifies through the album. By Prodromes\’ third track, “Men of Straw,” Andrew Goreds\’ vocals, which have been low whispers thus far, begins alternating to thrashing highs. Guitars continue to shine onward. “Foretasted in Flesh,” which is the best song on this album, is an example of how Humangled can strut up- and up- and upward. The plummet of the chorus contrasts starkly with the ever-exercised demonic highs of Goreds. The band is often a chaotic mash of sludge and death. The slow and intentional delivery behind the vocals anchor this album in familiar constructions that tend to surprise. “Untastable Fear” takes on a danceable Southern twang at the end of the song, and ends strongly. Humangled employs classical instrumentation here and there, and it doesn\’t work. This albums ends with a cover of Therion\’s “To Mega Therion,” which was better left alone. Their attempts at majesty are a waste of their obviously raw talent. Rating: 7/10 -Andrew Harris