ONCE HUMAN Premieres \”Scar Weaver\” Video

Four years on from their last album, ONCE HUMAN are primed and ready to launch a fresh assault on hearts and ears. With a line-up completed by long-time bassist Damien Rainaud, drummer Dillon Trollope and second guitarist (and now chief riff-writer) Max Karon, the band have mutated into an even more devastating beast, as demonstrated with face-ripping aplomb on new album Scar Weaver.
Pieced together over the last two years, ONCE HUMAN’s upcoming album Scar Weaver represents a massive step forward for the band. Blessed (or perhaps cursed) with plenty of additional time during the last year’s lockdown situation, the band have been able to refine and redefine their sound, inspired by a sudden creative surge from latest recruit, Max Karon. The result is an gloriously idiosyncratic modern metal record, with Lauren Hart’s career-best vocal performance just one of its dazzling revelations. With ONCE HUMAN’s most intense and explosive music to work with, the singer has pushed herself to new heights, showcasing a vastly expanded vocal range in the process.
Damien Rainaud, bass player, came up with the title “Scar Weaver”, which Lauren Hart thought was brilliant for the song she was writing. When Lauren asked him his meaning for the words, he said “We all go through life creating scars onto others.. bad scars, and good scars. We are all Scar Weavers.”
Lauren Hart adds \”The \’Scar Weaver\’ track is about dealing with my anxiety and catastrophic thoughts. I give a bad thought (which is ONLY in my head) a true reality by feeding it energy- thus, giving it life, to grow and completely engulf my mind. I \’sew the flesh on my fears.\’\”
“We have an amazing record, we’re ready to crush it, we have a really good chemistry between all of us. We’re really good friends, and that’s really important. I think you can feel that when you see us onstage, like, ‘These guys are actually happy to be here and they like each other!’ That’s a bonus. It doesn’t have to be like that. But luckily we have a really cool, strong bond. It’s so important for us to get out there and connect with people in a real life environment,” says Logan Mader.