We As Human keep the momentum going on Hard Drive Live 2014

Each year we get treated to a few annual tours, one of which, being the Hard Drive Live tour. Last year saw Stars in Stereo with Halestorm and Bullet For My Valentine and this year’s edition features Black Stone Cherry with support from We As Human, Kyng and newcomers Fifth Freedom.

The tour made a recent stop at Fort Wayne’s Piere’s and featured everybody except Kyng, who were playing a one-off show at another location and Fifth Freedom kicked off the show with a set that showcased exactly why they belong on the tour.

With this being their first career tour, Fifth Freedom have a big road ahead of them. However, with Black Stone Cherry taking them under their wing and helping work on their latest record, Fifth Freedom are in very good hands.

They have a sound that’s very similar to Black Stone Cherry and other southern rock bands and with their stage presence you’d never guess they’re starting the first trek of their career.

Hard Drive radio has been playing their music quite a bit lately and they have a very bright future ahead of them.

We As Human followed them up and proved exactly why they’re one of the fastest-rising bands in all of rock today.

With a self-titled debut releasing just a year ago, the band has found themselves on almost every major tour in Christian and mainstream music. From The Carnival of Madness to The Roadshow to a spring tour with Skillet and early summer tour with Tobymac and Skillet as well as every major festival in rock (Rock on the Range, Rocklahoma, Welcome to Rockville, etc.), as well as normal tours with numerous big names, We As Human have more than made their mark and their momentum continues to grow.

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They kicked off the show with “Sever,” just as they always do and the Piere’s crowd was already going crazy for the band. With a setlist that included “Dead Man,” “Zombie,” “Bring to Life,” “I Stand,” “Strike Back” and no. 1 single “Take the Bullets Away,” We As Human were in their element and in rare form.

Frontman Justin Cordle knows how to take the crowd, hold them in the palm of his hand and control them with every move he makes while guitarist Jake Jones and drummer Adam Osbourne are able to work the crowd with minimal effort.

With the band firing on all cylinders the Hard Drive Live Tour is primed to put We As Human over the top and take them into the fall on the verge of headline status and the amount of “Humanoidz” (those are We As Human fans for those of you who don’t know) is growing at a rapid pace.

Look for We As Human to be the next big thing in rock music.

After We As Human took the crowd to the edge of a riot, Black Stone Cherry took the stage and finished off what was left of them.

Always one of the most energetic live bands around, Black Stone Cherry are another band who’ve grown in popularity with each record and their latest, Magic Mountain was just recently released and has taken the band from a mid-bill crowd favorite to headlining sensations virtually overnight and Piere’s saw firsthand why that is.

With a set loaded with fan favorites, Black Stone Cherry completely devastated and exhausted the crowd and everyone left ready for the next go-around with BSC and We As Human.

-Reggie Edwards

Post-show interview with We As Human\’s Justin Cordle: