Hollywood Undead: Day Of The Dead review

It\’s been just over two years since Hollywood Undead hit us with Notes From The Underground. This year they\’re set to give us Day Of The Dead and it\’s sure to make both longtime and new fans alike stand in awe. While Notes saw the band going more in the rap/hip-hop/club route, Day Of The Dead- their fourth full-length- sees the band returning to their rock/rap roots, fusing the two genres together beautifully, as only Hollywood Undead can do. The album opens with three heavy-hitters in “Usual Suspects,” “How We Roll” and the title track- all of which are anthemic tracks if there ever were some- especially “How We Roll,” opens in dramatic fashion and includes a chorus breakdown that will have you singing along in no time. While they returned with more rock tracks than their previous record, which only one prominent rock track, Hollywood Undead feature a good amount of hip-hop/club tracks as well, which are some of the strongest of that nature they\’ve released so far. War Child” is a party track just like you\’d expect from Hollywood Undead that would fit will at any club setting and has a techno vibe that\’s nothing but infectious- even if you can\’t dance, you will be with this one.Part By Myself” has the same feel to it and is a party anthem like no other- in fact, the next party you go to- crank that bitch up and the rave will start itself. If you\’re tripping on something, it\’s about to get fun while “Live Forever” is similar to “Levitate” off American Tragedy in that it has such a strong balance of rock and club tones that you won\’t be able to figure out which way it\’s going. In the end, Hollywood Undead have completely outdone themselves yet again. While Notes From The Underground was more of a hip hop endeavor than anything, Day Of The Dead is the perfect encapsulating of their entire career. There\’s the serious heart-wrenching tones like closer “Let Go,” there\’s the infectious rock anthems in “Day Of The Dead,” “How We Roll” and “Usual Suspects” and there\’s the party themes in many of the tracks as well. There\’s something for every Hollywood Undead fan on this album. With a late March release there\’s only a few things we can do now- sit back and wait. When this record releases it\’s best for you to just welcome in this new chapter of Hollywood Undead\’s career because it\’s a damn impressive one and it\’s time to enter into the Day Of The Dead- you can\’t escape it if you wanted to. Rating: 9.5/10 -Reggie Edwards