Hinder- Welcome to the Freakshow review

\"\" by Reggie Edwards There are few bands who can almost bet on an instant hit whenever they release new material. Hinder is on that list and fans are in luck! Their fourth studio release, Welcome to the Freakshow, is set for release December 4. Their debut, Extreme Behavior is one of my favorite albums, not for the hits, but because of the songs that didn’t make radio- it showed they can write some great songs. I’ll admit I wasn’t a big fan of Take It to the Limit or All-American Nightmare, but there’s no doubt they were two highly-successful records as well. Regardless of what they put out, it seems to be an instant hit, and that, my friends is impressive. There’s no reason to believe it will be different this time around and if anything, Welcome to the Freakshow is going to be the album that takes Hinder to the top. Songs like “Save Me,” “See You in Hell,” “Freakshow” and “Ladies Come First” are classic Hinder songs; the lyrics are strong, in-your-face, show-no-regrets all the way through. Then there’s “Shoulda Known Better,” and “Get Me Away From You,” which show the versatility Hinder have in their repertoire by going to the softer side we have grown to love from these guys. Even though there are some down-points about halfway through the record where  the band goes in a completely different direction, this is still Hinder at their best. The song that really shows Hinder doing what they do best is “Wanna Be Rich,” which shows the Oklahoma rockers calling out Americans for their lazy lifestyles and materialistic personalities. Hinder always have been ones to call it how they see it, tell you what’s on their mind, not give a shit what you think and feel damn good about it and there’s no exception here. Welcome to the Freakshow is Hinder’s coming out party, that’s for sure. Rating: 8.5/10