Hillsong United- Zion review

\"Hillsong by Reggie Edwards Hillsong United is back with their latest album, Zion, adding to their already impressive catalogue. The famous worship experience, that’s right, I called them an experience, is back and they don’t hold back what they believe or their message one iota. I refer to them as an experience because that’s exactly what Hillsong United is. They aren’t just a band, they aren’t just a worship team, they’re a cohesive unit who come together to offer a message of hope, redemption through sacrifice. As with any Hillsong album, when turning on Zion, you can close your eyes and just picture yourself in the midst of thousands of people, hands raised to the heavens, singing along, crying and worshipping God. Thus, you have an experience. There’s not a dull moment on Zion, where even the more peaceful songs give you the experience you’re looking for from Hillsong United. All-in-all, we’ve got one of the most honest, complex albums thus far and a homerun from Hillsong United. Rating: 8/10