While Heroes Sleep: Awaken the Dawn review

Just when it seemed like the rock scene was dying in central Illinois, a couple bands came along and started the revival of rock music in the area. Up and comers While Heroes Sleep is one of those bands. Hailing from Danville, IL, While Heroes Sleep have released their first full length album Awaken The Dawn. With the success of their Reborn EP, While Heroes Sleep have been touring all over central Illinois, including performing at the well known Salute to the Fallen Fest held in Danville, IL. Awaken The Dawn features all five songs from the Reborn EP as well as four new tracks. Awaken The Dawn starts with the title track which instantly tells you what While Heroes Sleep are all about- playing straight up metal music. \”Suffering\” is a perfect song to get a crowd pumped and ready to. \”Heroes\” has the perfect blend of growling and clean vocals, which goes well with the metal sound, almost like an All That Remains type of sound. While Heroes Sleep have a promising future with the release of Awaken The Dawn and if you\’re a fan of metal music or bands like All That Remains and Killswitch Engage, check out While Heroes Sleep. Rating: 9/10 – Philip Coon