hed(pe): The Best of hed(pe) review

\"TheRapcore legends hed(p.e.) have been around for almost 20 years and, after several member departures and record label changes, the band has found a steady home within Suburban Noize Records. Signing with the label in 2006, hed(p.e.) were given musical freedom and a chance to create the music that they wanted to make. And with that creative freedom, hed(p.e.) did not disappoint, releasing four albums to-date through Suburban Noize Records: Back to Base X (2006), Insomnia (2007), New World Orphans (2009), and Truth Rising (2010), as well as a live album titled The D.I.Y. Guys (2008). To honor the musical efforts of hed(p.e.), Suburban Noize Records recently released The Best of hed(p.e.), a collection of hits from the band\’s last four albums. To the hardcore fans of the band this album may not offer anything new, but for the new fans that may have recently discovered the band, this is the perfect album to check out, featuring classic hits such as \”Lets Ride,\” \”Get Ready,\”  \”Renegade,\” \”No Rest For The Wicked,\” \”Suffa,\” \”Here and Now,\” and a collaborative effort with the Kottonmouth Kings on a track called \”Wind Me Up.\” This album is a must listen to newer fans or those that may have never heard of hed(p.e.). To the hardcore fans, be patient, hed(p.e.) is working on a new album scheduled to be released in 2014. Rating: 10/10 -Philip Coon