Hawthorne Heights: Zero review

\"Zero\"Hawthorne Heights’ new album, Zero, is another master piece of epic proportions.  The album stays true to their sound while bringing new life to their music.  Though the fan expectations for this album were high they were certainly not disappointed.  The artistry behind this album shows through in every song.  You can tell they worked extremely hard to ensure the quality of the album was as close to perfect as it could be.  Sound-wise it is balanced perfectly; not only does it sound good on a stereo system but it sounds fantastic on smaller devices such as a smart phone.  All the parts are very well-written.  The lyrics alone are pure poetry and when combined with the instrumental parts the words come to life.  The guitar parts are a mastery of skill and sheer talent, with well-written parts that accentuate every song in just the right way.  The drums and bass fill out the sound and really give shape and body to the songs.  The album is a fantastic work that is defiantly worth your time.  Hawthorne Heights has proved that after 12 years they are still going strong.  The band has worked extremely hard on this album and it shows.  Rating: 9/10 -Kelly Keating