Hatebreed- The Divinity of Purpose review

\"Hatebreed- by Hans Jaeger The hard-hitting, churning chugging style of Hatebreed is back, on their sixth full-length album, The Divinity of Purpose. From the intro, “Nothing Scars Me,” it becomes clear that the Connecticut-based band is back and hungry to prove themselves once again. Jamey Jasta is back with his signature growls holding it down. His screams shine on the track, “Put it to The Torch,” as a faster-paced guitar backs his monstrous voice. As to be expected there are hooks-a-plenty throughout the album that any metal head will be chanting with. Wayne Lozinak and Frank Novinec  shine on guitar on during “Own Your World.” A breakout chugging riff underneath a great chant from Jasta pulls you into the song immediately. The song doesn’t let go until its abrupt end. We end up with track after track that grips you tight and make any Hatebreed fan want to move. The only down side to this album is a few parts feel slightly repetitive. These moments are few and far between and overall are a very minor complaint. As the old saying goes “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Overall another impressive serving of metal that will take a bite out of you and spit it back in your face. The most impressive part of the album is that Hatebreed once again have managed to maintain their signature sound while creating an album that has its own unique feel. The Divinity of Purpose will have any metal head moving for the nearest pit. 8.5/10