Hatebreed, Terror and more wreak havoc in Kokomo

by Reggie Edwards Metalheads are in metal heaven (also known as Hell) with the lineup for Hatebreed’s Divinity of Purpose 2 Tour­ as the hardcore juggernauts have brought Job For a Cowboy, Terror, Everytime I Die and This is Hell on the road with them for a tour of chaos and destruction. Their stop off in Kokomo, Ind. was no exception as fans got rowdier and crazier as the night unfolded. Kicking off the evening was This is Hell, a band not many knew much about, but who sounded very good throughout their set. They may not be a household name but This Is Hell was a great choice for an opening band as they captured the very essence of what an opening band should do on a tour like this- get the crowd ready to tear shit up. \"Job Taking the stage just 10 minutes later was Job For a Cowboy, a band who needs no introduction. They only played for about 20-30 minutes, much less than a lot of us wanted to see, they got the crowd even more built up and crazy than This is Hell did. When Terror took the stage next, the crowd was thirsty for blood. \"Terror\" Of course, Terror, as they always do, had people walking on each other’s heads, circle pitting, crowd surfing, flying and more. It was far from a dull set. Front man Scott Vogel was insane as always and did a great job at working the crowd into a civilized frenzy (yes, those exist) and getting them thirsty for blood. \"Terror\" I think it’s safe to say Terror put on the craziest show of the evening- and there were still two bands left on the bill. Up next were legends Everytime I Die, who the second they got on stage, had a sea of bodies flying toward the stage. \"Everytime They played a great mix of material from each record and were crazy as ever, and was the perfect set up for Hatebreed, who were about to take the stage. Hatebreed need no introduction. Their latest album, The Divinity of Purpose, charted higher than any other album they’ve released at no. 20, which is shocking they haven’t accomplished this yet. \"Hatebreed\" Their set, as is the fashion at a Hatebreed show, was divine destruction. Bodies flying, punches thrown, pits galore, there was no stopping the carnage that ensued on this night. \"Hatebreed\" The venue security had to bring more crew to the front of the stage because the crowd was close to tearing the security barrier out of the ground. I was also pretty sure they ceiling fans were going to get torn out of the ceiling but luckily no one got that high-up, but they were close. This was the epitome of a metal show. Watch our video interview with Martin Stewart of Terror below: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCuLtqAbD38