We Are Harlot review

Things started really taking off a year ago for We Are Harlot- the new band from then-Asking Alexadria frontman Danny Worsnop. Then we didn\’t know much about the project except that it was going to be a near-full time venture for him. Fast forward to 2015 and he\’s left Asking Alexandria to focus on We Are Harlot full time and their self-titled debut full-length album is set for a release and it\’s a completely different direction for Worsnop and company. While Asking Alexandria was more metalcore than anything, We Are Harlot is more classic rock-fueled and has a more throwback feel to it. It\’s obvious Worsnop probably wanted to get away from the sound he had with Asking and Harlot is as far away as you can get. With We Are Harlot there\’s hypnotic guitars riffs, Deep Purple-esque keys and Worsnop\’s unmistakable vocals. The album opens with “Dancing on Nails,” which has a Bon Jovi “Bad Medicine”- vibe to the very opening but explodes into a groovy rock-fueled adrenaline rush that, to say is catchy, doesn\’t do it justice. The drum intro to to “Easier to Leave” is infectious and latches onto you, sucking you into the rest of the song itself, which will dig into your head and find a nice home right inside. Then there\’s “One More Night,” which comes next and is, just like the rest of the album- is loaded with a guitar riff that\’s not leaving you anytime soon. This is Danny Worsnop at his best and is by far the strongest piece of art he\’s created yet. It\’s not just him, though- Jeff George is to thank for some of the best guitar work this year while Bruno Agra on drums and Brian Weaver on bass provide one of the most impressive rhythm sections on a debut album yet- wait, not just a debut but any album so far this year. The maturity in the songwriting is impressive and it\’s no surprise this is one of the highest-anticipated albums of the year. It\’s one high-octane, fast-paced parties you\’re going to be part of this year. Just wait until they hit the road- it\’s just going to get even better this year. Rating: 10/10 -Reggie Edwards