Harem Scarem: Thirteen review

It’s been six years since Harem Scarem released Hope, their last studio record. They released Mood Swings II in 2013, a re-issue of their 1993 breakthrough record, Mood Swings, but it’s been awhile since we got a full-length record of new material. They’re finally back with Thirteen, which is slated for an early December release and shows the band going back to their roots and doing what Harem Scarem does best. Harem Scarem have always utilized the power of the guitar and they didn’t hold back on Thirteen. The record opens with one of the most intricate riffs they’ve ever written and it doesn’t stop there; it continues through the entire record and it’s a consistent trait throughout the record. While this isn’t the absolute strongest album the band has released, it’s definitely in the top three. Musically, lyrically, emotionally and thematically Thirteen is an impressive return to form for Harem Scarem. If you’re a longtime fan of the band, you won’t be disappointed in the least bit by this record. Rating: 8/10 -Reggie Edwards