Hardie Avenue: Indestructible review

Christian rock newcomers Hardie Avenue are back with the first taste of their upcoming album- tentatively due this summer- with the lead single, “Indestructible” featuring Pillar vocalist Rob Beckley. “Indestructible” shows a different side of Hardie Avenue that will surprise fans but make them very happy at the same time. While their previous record, Party at the End of the World featured a more electronic-based sound and more of a club rock or rave sound- very fitting for the title- “Indestructible” is more in the vein of bands like Disciple, Thousand Foot Krutch, Collide-era Skillet and, yes, Pillar. With a strong message as they always have, Hardie Avenue have put together a Christian battle anthem if there ever was one and shows the versatility Hardie Avenue have in one of the heaviest songs they’ve recorded yet. If this is any sign of what\’s to come from Hardie Avenue, we can expect one of the top Christian rock albums of the year. Rating: 9/10