Hanson: Anthem review

\"AnthemMany bands evolve and change their game up over the course of their careers. Often times personal growth contributes and sometimes it’s just time for a change. Hanson’s latest record, the upcoming Anthem, continues the trio’s sound evolution and shows the band using combination of blues, jazz, funk, rock and some soul to top it off. Over the years, Hanson have moved away from the bubblegum pop rock that made them famous and embraced a more mature, serious rock sound and it’s paid dividends for them with each album getting better. Anthem is truly a fitting title for this record as each song takes on its own identity. Each song really is an anthem and shows some of the strongest songwriting and music the band has composed to date. Old fans and new listeners alike will be blown away with how precise and strong the band has gotten with Anthem. With Anthem, Hanson show us their strongest, most fierce sides and then take us down some of the most personal, intimate and vulnerable avenues yet. They really pour their heart and soul for the world to see and If any album is a testament to what Hanson is all about, Anthem is it. Rating: 9.5/10 -Reggie Edwards