H.I.M.- Tears on Tape review

\"Tears by Reggie Edwards Finally, after what’s seemed like an eternity (but has really only been three years), Finnish love metal band H.I.M. are back with their latest studio release, Tears on Tape, an album that will appeal strongly to longtime fans. Complete with a new Heartagram, Tears on Tape is H.I.M.’s label debut with Razor & Tie and sees the band revisiting their signature Love Metal sound that has made hardcore fans out of many. From the start, there’s the dark, ominous rock sound we’ve all grown to love from these guys mixed with the sound you get from their more recent releases. Dealing with love and death, darkness and light, this is a signature H.I.M. album loaded with songs that are destined to become fan favorites. Compared to their more recent releases, Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice, Venus Doom and Dark Light, this is by far superior and is their best work since Dark Light. This is what we’ve been waiting for from H.I.M. and it’s no wonder their string of upcoming U.S. dates are almost completely sold out. Tears on Tape will solidify H.I.M. as one of the top artists on Razor & Tie’s roster and at the top of the Finnish rock scene. This marks the return of H.I.M. to the U.S. rock scene and if this new album is any sign of what’s to come, we can look forward to a lot from them. Rating: 9/10