GWAR signs with In De Goot Entertainment

Sleazy P. Martini, the longtime manager of GWAR, has sold the band’s contract to In De Goot Entertainment. Proving he is the most unscrupulous manager since Colonel Tom Parker, Sleazy P. traded the band for a pile of filthy lucre in order to fund his lavish lifestyle of dissipated dalliances with drugs, prostitutes and high powered weaponry. We suspect Sleazy is somehow still calling the shots, but he has entrusted the band’s future to industry veteran Wild Bill Mcgathy’s freewheeling management company In De Goot Entertainment.
Sleazy had this to say: “I like McGathy, he knows where the bodies are buried. This way, he does the shakedowns, and I just collect the cash.”
The band’s drummer Jizmak da Gusha added simply, \”Fuck! Sleazy you sold us out for crack money…again.\”
Bill Mcgathy comments “You can’t talk about outrageous live performances & career longevity in the heavy metal world without talking about this legendary band. As human scum, we are excited to dive right in & grateful to have been accepted into the ferociously ingenious world of GWAR!”