Grizzly Knows No Remorse: Fat Glasses And Leather Mustache review

Fat Glasses And Leather Mustache is the third installment of chaos from Russian quartet, GRIZZLY KNOWS NO REMORSE. From the opening strike of \”What It Takes And How It Tastes\” I intrinsically knew that it FAT GLASSES AND THE LEATHER MUSTACHE might have the makings of a record that I could easily slide into my regular rotation.  It is quite obvious that GKNR is influenced by “Every Time I Die\” which is cool, I am too. The question that I had after the opening track was… \”How big of an influence was ETID?\” As the record progressed, I enjoyed the frenetic pace, the crunching guitar work, D-Beat drum patterns and the syncopated vocal stylings of Andrew Lockjaw. I needed something from Grizzly Knows No Remorse though, something different and away from the five song ride they\’d just taken me on. Out of nowhere, the soulful southern and dirty guitar intro of “Waiting to Be\” tickled my fancy and dispersed the ETID comparisons that I\’d made. The remaining four songs on the record followed the initial formula and all the hope id gathered disappeared in one fail swoop. Stand Out Tracks – We Are The Party & Waiting to Be. Bottom Line – FAT GLASSES AND THE LEATHER MUSTACHE is a good album, to say the least. Unfortunately, when I closed my eyes and listened, the only thing I envisioned was Every Time I Die. -Craig Cooper