Granny 4 Barrel hits the road with Texas Hippie Coalition

Imagine if Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, and Alice Cooper had a grandmother that fronted a rock band…enter Granny 4 Barrel! A Neo-Victorian steampunk shock rock nightmare – she is the Matriarch of Metal! And soon, Granny will be rocking the USA – on a killer bill that also includes Texas Hippie Coalition and Kobra and the Lotus. Kicking off on April 19th in Salt Lake City, Utah, the tour will crisscross the states until June 3rd, when the tour wraps up in Austin, Texas. “We’re honored to be on the Year of the Bull Tour, with all of these great bands,” says Granny. “Granny’s gonna take the bull by the horns, ride it then kick that f**ker in the nuts. I’m like a surrogate bad ass granny to all the rock ‘n’ roll children out there, and I’ll be satisfying appetites every night with a heaping plate of heavy metal!” Granny is already causing a buzz in the metal press, as evidenced by this recent quote from the BraveWords website – “IT’S KIND OF CREEPY, SLIGHTLY COMICAL, BUT THEN YOU GET KICKED IN THE NUTS BY IT.” And the rocker, “Freak Flag,” is the first single/video of many to come (released via Mighty Loud Records and produced by Jeff Tomei), a song about being true to yourself. “The song is about freedom of expression, and not being afraid to expose who you really are. With that in mind we wanted to include extras and not just have it be the band alone.” And the debut single begins it climb at rock radio, with Freak Flag added and spinning at KHTQ, KCVI, KEDJ, KEYJ, KFML, KFNS, KHWL, KGRR, KHTQ, KZGL, KZZK, WCCN, WECL, WFRD, WOTT, WJJO…and more “We put out a casting call for eccentric people who wanted to be able to express themselves,” recalls Granny about the song’s video shoot. “People who had a special look or talent that made them unique. So many amazing people showed up for the shoot. This is what makes the video extra special, these are not ‘quote’ Hollywood actors, these are real people, looking the way they look and doing the things that they do every day…we did not modify anyone’s look or persona in anyway, this is truly authentic.” To see the visual proof, you can view the view via this link: By now, you will probably realize that Granny is a true original – “She represents freedom of expression, no limits on a person, and I channel her rage and insanity. In society, there are these stereotypes based on age, sex, race etc. Granny just shatters the mold! Her mantra is unleash your true self…make your own rules, anything is possible.” And soon, lucky fans throughout the US of A will witness the savior of rock n’ roll on a nearby concert stage – GRANNY 4 BARREL! CONFIRMED TOUR DATES: 4/19    Salt Lake city, UT                    Metro Music Hall 4/20    Denver, CO                             Hermans Hideaway 4/21    Colorado Springs, CO             Sunshine Studios 4/22    Kansas City, MO                     The Riot Room 4/25    Johnson City, TN                     MarX The Spot 4/26    Atlanta, GA                              The Masquerade 5/3      Louisville, KY                           Trixies 5/5      Winchester, VA                         Blue Fox 5/7      Providence, RI                         Alchemy 5/9      Rochester, NY                          Montage Music Hall 5/10    Clifton, NJ                                 Dingbatz 5/11    New York, NY                           Kingsland 5/12    Harrisburg,PA                           Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center 5/13    Warrendale, PA                        Jergels 5/15    Cleveland, OH                          Agora Ballroom 5/16    Flint, MI                                    The machine Shop 5/17    Joliet, IL                                    The Forge 5/18    Battle Creek, MI                       The Music Factory 5/19    Racine, WI                                Route 20 5/20    St Louis, MO                             Fubar 5/23    Seattle, WA                               El Corazon 5/24    Portland, OR                             Hawthorne Theatre 5/25    San Francisco, CA                    DNA Lounge 5/27    Los Angeles, CA                       1720 5/30    Phoenix, AZ                               Marquee Theater 6/1      Fort Worth, TX                           The Rail Club 6/2      Houston, TX                               Scout Bar 6/3      Austin, TX                                  Come and Take it Live