God Module: False Face review

Industrial metal and electronic mixed with metal can be a hard combination to perfect and to make appealing. The smallest mistake can be torture to the ears and metal fans, being some of the biggest critics in music, pick apart everything that releases. Jasyn Bangert, better known as God Module has done just that- created something outstanding in his latest release, False Face. The record opens up with “A Good Night to Die,” which will make your jaw drop upon impact and rings industrial metal through and through in vein of Marilyn Manson, Combichrist, Darkc3ll and others. From there we go into “Black and Blue,” which as a dark, sinister A Night at the Roxbury club feel to it and could easily be found in a dark rave. Bangert is a musical genius and has something outstanding and special here. False Face is an evil acid trip and a rabid rollercoaster that takes you up and down through your biggest fears and worst nightmares and makes you beg to go on it again until your fears become your reality. Hypnotic, psychedelic, trippy and addictive, False Face is goth metal and electo-insanity-infested with numerous samples from horror movies and preachers which adds to the effect of the horror-synth sound. What can be heard on one of the samples is just all so true- “God can’t save you, only I can save you,” so go by False Face, turn it up to max and get ready to rave, dance and headbang the night away with one of the best industrial releases of the year. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards