Ghost B.C.- Infestissumam review

\"Infestissumam by Reggie Edwards Infestissumam, the much-anticipated sophomore album from Swedish buzz doom metal band Ghost, is slated for an April 16 release and  will live up to every bit of buzz it’s received and more. The title track, also the album’s intro, is a 1:42-long dramatic choir track that’s so dynamic it enthralls you like you wouldn’t believe and gets you ready for the hypnotic tones you’re about to hear. The entire album is produced to perfection and features a beautiful gothic sound that puts you in a trance and captivates you to the point you just can’t turn it off. Thematically, this is a very deep album. The band’s debut, Opus Eponymous, focused and ended with the birth of the Antichrist, Infestissumam (which is Latin for “hostile”) continues with the birth and onward. This is a Satanic epic if there ever was one and a great one at that. Infestissumam has that vintage metal sound reminiscent of early Black Sabbath and other bands of the time. Ghost are definitely a throwback and a breath of fresh air if there ever was one.  There’s no doubt Ghost are a force to be reckoned with- not just to the metal world but to the music world and to the religious world as well. Get ready for Infestissumam because this is by far one of the top 10 albums of 2013. Rating: 10/10