Geoff Tate- Kings and Thieves

\"\" by Reggie Edwards When Geoff Tate split with his longtime band, Queensryche, we didn’t really know what was gonna happen next for him. We knew he’d stay in the industry but it was hard to tell in what capacity it would be- solo or join another band? Well, we have our answer in Tate’s second solo album- Kings and Thieves, released November 6 through InsideOut Music and this is one record you might want to check out if you’re a fan of Queensryche or Tate in general. It was sad to see the deterioration between Tate and his brothers in Queensryche, which is why even though this is his second solo record, it had a special feel leading up to it and it didn’t disappoint in the least bit. Kings and Thieves has some shades of that Queensryche sound but then again, Tate was a member of the band for over 30 years so it’s expected. When you spend that much time in one band it shows. That’s a good thing in this case, I think. Not to mention Tate’s vocals are as solid as ever. It’s almost like going solo has ignited a new fire in Tate and he’s out to make a statement. From the onset of “She Slipped Away” to the end of “Waiting,” this record isn’t the best thing Tate’s done in his career but it’s still a great album and worth checking out. Rating: 8/10