Gemini Syndrome and Saliva tear the roof off Pieres

Very few bands can play the biggest festival in the country and receive a reception as big as some of the veterans they share the stage with before even releasing their debut album. Even fewer bands can release said debut record and embark on a tour supporting that record that sees them headlining with success within a year. Gemini Syndrome is one of those bands and their debut, Lux, was released just a year ago and has seen the band reach heights that many bands are still looking to reach. In support of Lux Gemini Syndrome have touring alongside Red, Mindset Evolution, Eyes Set to Kill and their latest stop on tour came at Piere’s in Fort Wayne, Ind. with Starset and Saliva as support. Opening the night was support from Shallow Side and Fort Wayne’s own Kill The Rabbit, who you wouldn’t believe is a local unsigned band if they didn’t tell you. Their stage presence is impressive and their chemistry, sound and showmanship is top notch. They had the energy and intensity needed to get a crowd going and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t go far. Not long after them, Starset took the stage with one of the most interesting setups you’ll see. Their set is both futuristic and theatrical and is something you have to see for yourself. [lg_slideshow folder=\”2014/Saliva and Gemini Syndrome (Fort Wayne)/Starset/\”] Decked out in black gear with blue glow-in-the-dark helmets, they definitely captured the crowd’s attention and then blew them away with a short-but-sweet set that ended with their current hit, “My Demons,” which has been blowing up the charts on Sirius XM Octane. For only having a tour sampler right now with a full length record releasing this summer, Starset accomplished a lot in Fort Wayne and are a band you need to watch out for this year. Saliva took the stage after Starset wrapped up and the few people who were sitting or not into it yet, were about to have their asses handed to them. With new frontman Bobby Amaru and a new album out, Rise Up, Saliva are back with a vengeance and fury that can only be described as a fire they’re ready to spread across the country. They kicked if off with “Black Sheep” and “Ladies and Gentleman,” which got the crowd instantly to the edge of insanity. Anyone who’s been critical of the lineup change needs to see Saliva live right now because you’ll be won over within seconds. [lg_slideshow folder=\”2014/Saliva and Gemini Syndrome (Fort Wayne)/Saliva/\”] There weren’t many new tracks in the setlist with fan favorites “Always,” “Click Click Boom” and “Your Disease” in the set and making every fan ecstatic. Saliva are back and they’re ready to kick your ass. Ending the night was Gemini Syndrome and after the crowd had their fill of “Don’t Stop Believing,” “I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight” and “Sweet Caroline,” the band took the stage and what little bit of energy the crowd had left was all but obliterated by Gemini Syndrome. They opened with “Pleasure and Pain” and played every popular track from their debut- “Basement,” “Resurrection,” “Falling Apart,” “Stardust” and more were all thrown in there and frontman Aaron Nordstrom was a beast on stage, holding the crowd in the palm of his hand while the rest of the band demanded nothing but unified carnage from the fans and that’s just what they got as the pits opened up and the crowd let go. [lg_slideshow folder=\”2014/Saliva and Gemini Syndrome (Fort Wayne)/Gemini Syndrome /\”] When you go see Gemini Syndrome you can expect the band to lead you down some of the most aggressive roads you’ll go down and you can expect everyone in the crowd to come together for one cause- metal and positivity. If you want a band who has something to say and music you can relate you on every avenue, Gemini Syndrome is your band. If you want a band you will give you 100% on stage and give you exactly what you pay for, Gemini Syndrome is that band and there’s no doubt their getting everything they deserve in support of Lux. -Reggie Edwards