Gemini Syndrome steal the stage at Centerstage

Gemini Syndrome are one of very few new artists who released a debut last year that went straight to the top of many “album of the year” lists for 2013 with Lux. That’s an accomplishment that shouldn’t be taken lightly and they’ve lived up to it by playing every major festival and touring heavily in support of the record. As of late, the band has been on the road with Emphatic and Red, a lineup that’s guaranteed to make any rock and metal fan geek out and the package has lived up to every expectation you could come up with, recently hitting Kokomo, Indiana’s Centerstage Bar & Grill. Emphatic are still making a name for themselves and are one of the strongest performing bands you’ll find and this tour encapsulates everything the band is about and every strong side. After local band Bionic Monks had to pull off the show in Kokomo, Emphatic took the stage with such authority they obliterated everyone who didn’t see them coming. They played a good 30-minute set that had everyone who was an Emphatic fan knocked on their ass and everyone who wasn’t a fan transformed into fandom immediately. Gemini Syndrome followed Emphatic with a set that took the energy to an even higher level and kept the crowd moving and screaming. They may be a newer band but their stage presence and performance quality would tell you otherwise and shows the maturity of the band.  They kicked it off with “Pleasure and Pain,” the lead single from Lux and immediately took the stage as their own. Symbolism and philosophy are very important to the band, as Nordstrom would tell you- as well as unity as is obvious from their appearance. They launched into “Falling Apart,” “Morning Star,” “Basement” and more, playing at least half of their debut record and giving the crowd a beautiful display of metal that showcased exactly what Gemini Syndrome are all about. As they ended with “Stardust” it was clear the fans didn’t want the set to end and wanted more, which goes to show exactly how powerful their debut has been. Virtually everyone in the crowd was turned into a “Synner,” or Gemini Syndrome fan, which as Nordstrom explained, is not what you would think in going against common law. Rather, a coming together of unity from different walks of life to make one unit. After Gemini Syndrome wrapped it up, it was going to be hard for Red to follow what had just happened and they had their work cut out for them. Red opened with “If We Only” from their latest record, Release the Panic and it was clear they came to blow the roof off the place. Red played an impressive comprehensive setlist that included multiple songs from all four albums they’ve released. They even went back into their catalog and pulled out “Fight Inside,” from Innocence and Instinct, which they haven’t played in years, if ever. Also showcased was a new drummer as longtime kit banger Joe Rickard has departed the band as well as a revamped, heavier-than-ever version of “Lie to Me (Denial)” that was extremely guitar-heavy and better than the original. As always, singer Michael Barnes was all over the stage, jumping off the stage steps and lurking over the crowd in true rock form, with the dark red, blue and green stage lights adding to the effect. They capped off the night with “Release the Panic” and “Breathe Into Me,” leaving everyone who came getting their money’s worth and itching to see all three bands again. -Reggie Edwards [lg_slideshow folder=\”2014/Gemini Syndrome /Gemini Syndrome /\”]