Gemini Syndrome: Lux review

Every once in awhile a band will come along that you just know will be big. It’s rare and they don’t come along very often but Gemini Syndrome may just be one of those bands. Their debut, Lux, will make any rock and metal fan quiver with excitement. Gemini Syndrome have been picking up a lot of steam lately and the buzz they’ve been getting is overwhelming. With blistering riffs, ferocious vocals and intelligent lyrical content, Gemini Syndrome are here to make a statement and they’re here to stay. They’ve got the attitude, tenacity, hunger, drive, lyrical quality, talent and everything else you would expect from a band ready to take the throne of metal. Prior Lux, Gemini Syndrome have started to build their empire and army, playing every show, tour and festival they can get their hands on. Their disciples are growing in numbers and will only multiply once the world hears Lux. Rating: 9.5/10