Gang Of Four: What Happens Next review

It\’s been an interesting road for UK legends Gang of Four as of late. In 2012, original vocalist Jon King left the band. Something as dramatic as a vocalist change this far into a band\’s career can be detrimental to say the least. But did the band and founding guitarist Andy Gill crumble? No, hell no- they came together, brought in John Sterry and are set to come into 2015 with their latest studio full-length- What Happens Next.

The album title is symbolic not just of the obvious turmoil and issues going on in the world today but it also represents the state of the band at one point. When any member departs any band- regardless who it is and what point in time they leave, the biggest question arises- what happens next? What better album title than that simple question.

Sterry is the perfect man to step into the role of Gang of Four frontman. He has the pipes to sing any song from their massive catalog and he absolutely owns this album.

What Happens Next has just enough twists and turns to keep things fresh and not be repetitive of previous Gang of Four albums yet also stays just true enough to the band\’s roots to not alienate their longtime fans. With a lineup change it can be tough to keep the momentum going- when you\’re coming off a highly-acclaimed album like Content- a record that was praised by both fans and critics alike, it adds an extra bit of pressure.

Gang of Four didn\’t let that take over and went into the studio doing exactly what they do best- they put out a record that delivers on every level- and that album is What Happens Next.

This is a new era and chapter for Gang of Four. So far they\’re off to a hell of a start.

Rating: 9/10

-Reggie Edwards