Full Devil Jacket continue return in Indy

When Full Devil Jacket went on hiatus 15 years ago, it didn’t look like the band would ever be active again. Through a series of events, the band played a benefit show a few years ago and that sparked something. It still took awhile but they ended up reforming and their new record, Valley of Bones is out now and they’ve taken to the road with Hinder to support the record. They hit the Vogue Theater in Indy recently and, after all-female metal band Diamante completely blew openers Shed out of the building, it was time for Full Devil Jacket to hit the stage and they did just that and more. They didn’t take long getting things started and roared into their set that was a beautiful combo of old classics as well as a good portion of the new record, which included “Killers,” the title track as well as “7X Down.” Frontman Josh Brown has been through hell, personally and has risen back to the top over the past decade. You could tell just by watching, how much fun he was really having on stage. While the amount of space the band had on stage was limited due to Hinder’s gear taking up a good portion of the stage behind them, Brown used as much of the stage as he could. He could often be found climbing onto the security guard rail, getting up close and personal with the fans, leaning into the front row, high-fiving the fans in the crowd and interacting more than you’ll see most singers do on stage. If anyone wasn’t familiar with Full Devil Jacket before this show, they became a fan the instant the band took the stage. Their stage presence hasn’t dwindled one iota in the 15 years they’ve been gone and they’ve actually become even stronger. After Diamante took everyone sitting down and drove them to the front of the venue and then Full Devil Jacket knocked them all on their asses, it was tough for Hinder to follow. If you want a show that will give you your money’s worth, go to one of the remaining dates of the Hinder/Full Devil Jacket show. Also, go pick up Valley Of Bones– it’s one of the best rock purchases you’ll make all year. -Reggie Edwards [lg_slideshow folder=\”2015/Full Devil Jacket in Indy/\”]