Francesca Battistelli- Hundred More Years Deluxe Edition review

\"Hundred by Reggie Edwards Dove Award winner Francesca Battistelli has released a Deluxe Edition of her latest record, Hundred More Years, for her fans to enjoy, and enjoy they will. Starting with a brand new single, “Strangely Dim,” which has already cracked the top 20, this is a must-have for any fan of Battistelli’s music. Not only does this version include the new single, but she’s also thrown in four more brand new songs which fans will eat up. Hundred More Years, not just the Deluxe Edition, but the original itself, is destined to put Battistelli at the top of the ranks of female Christian vocalists right now- if not as the top female singer. Then when you throw in her chilling rendition of Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes,” there’s no denying Battistelli has one of the best voices in all of music- Christian or secular. Hundred More Years is one impressive album and the deluxe edition is one of the best releases this year so far. Rating: 9/10