Framing Hanley: The Sum of Who We Are review

After a four-year hiatus, Framing Hanley are finally back with what could very well be their most impressive record to date in The Sum of Who We Are. The Sum of Who We Are couldn’t be more of a fitting title in that it sums up everything Framing Hanley are all about and more. The record kicks off with “Criminal,” which gives you a good idea of what the band sounds like live and could become the anthemic song of the summer. “Criminal” has everything it takes to become a fan favorite in concert and it’s so infectious you’ll have it stuck in your head for hours. “Twisted Halos” is the perfect second track for the record and keeps the momentum going with bruising guitars that is true Framing Hanley. They keep the rock and heavy material coming throughout most of the album and it’s clear Framing Hanley wanted to make a statement with The Sum of Who We Are. Toward the end of the album we see the soft, intimate side of Framing Hanley in “Unbreakable,” “Science,” and “Streetlights and Silhouettes,” which show Framing Hanley in their element and proves the band can still dominate on both ends of the spectrum. When it’s all said and done Framing Hanley have accomplished many things with The Sum of Who We Are. Not only have they surpassed and improved upon everything they have done in the past but they’ve blown every album they’ve done out of the water and obliterated it with what fans will agree is the best record they’ve released yet. The song titles say it all about the journey of Framing Hanley up to this point- “Rollercoasters, “Forever Till the End” but most of all, “Unbreakable.” For fans that have been waiting anxiously and impatiently for new Framing Hanley music, you’ll be thoroughly blown away in every way imaginable. If you’ve never listened to Framing Hanley before- or if all you’ve heard is their cover of “Lollipop,” The Sum of Who We Are is the perfect place to start. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards