Frames release new single, \”Brewery\”

FRAMES have released another new single from their upcoming album ‘Every Room’ today. Fans can stream “Brewery” now at this link:
“A friend and I briefly dated. We weren\’t right for each other long term but we had a lot of compassion and love for each other so it burned bright and went out fast,” says vocalist and guitarist Sarah Phung about “Brewery”. “We\’re still good friends. On a more relatable note, the lyrics are pretty linear throughout the song; it\’s just about caring for someone so much you want to fight all their demons for them so they can open up for you but that\’s not something you realistically get to demand.”
The song can be found on the band’s upcoming new album ‘Every Room’ which will be released on September 24, 2021 through Know Hope Records.
Last month they released the song “Tabletop” which can be streamed now on all music platforms:
The song sets the tone for the nine new songs fans will find on the new album. Each song feels like a gut punch served with a smile. Twinkly, catchy guitar riffs leading on lyrics of unresolved resentment and guilt.
‘Every Room’ is quite different from the band’s 2019 EP, ‘Cursed’. Now featuring a full-band line-up the album showcases an entirely new, refined sound with lyrics that will resonate with anyone who have found themselves in the midst of unrequited love or the depths of loneliness you’re not sure how to crawl out of.
Track listing:
1. Lightweight
2. Brewery
3. Tabletop
4. Cold Hard Criminal
5. Ryan
6. Overthinking
7. Two Phones
8. Body Kicks
9. This Year
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