Fozzy starts a war at Piere\’s

Next to Corey Taylor, Chris Jericho may be one of the hardest working men in all of metal. Between a a full schedule with Fozzy, he hosts twice-weekly podcast, just released his third book and alternates between Fozzy and his WWE careers. Fresh off the release of their latest record, Do You Wanna Start a War, Chris Jericho, Rich Ward and company have hit the road with Theory of a Deadman, 3 Pill Morning and Shaman\’s Harvest for a lengthy trek.

The new record, a follow up to 2012\’s Sin and Bones sees Fozzy continuing to grow in popularity and is one of the band\’s more diverse albums to date. This year saw the band at virtually every major summer festival you can think of the tour with Theory of a Deadman is just the latest accompishment for the growing band.

The tour recently made a stop at Fort Wayne\’s Piere\’s Entertainment Center in the form of a one-off show that featured Shaman\’s Harvest opening the show for 3 Pill Morning and Fozzy.

After Shaman\’s Harvest finished up a set that created disciples and fans out of virtually everyone in the crowd, 3 Pill Morning took the stage and upped the voltage even more and those who didn\’t know who they were at the start of the night were instant fans and the growing line at their merch table after the set proved that.

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After two insanely strong opening acts, Fozzy had their work cut out for them and the Fozzy faithful were ready to sing so loud the band would have to play even louder.

From the opening notes of “Do You Wanna Start a War,” the crowd was rabid and singing at the top of their mighty lungs. Jericho spent a lot of the set up close and personal with the fans, coming right up to the security barricade to give them their money\’s worth.

They played a headline set that featured songs from almost every Fozzy album of original material and the crowd ate up every second of it.

At numerous points of the night you couldn\’t even hear Jericho and the rest of the band, which just added to the experience. Ward was his normal energetic self, eating up the energy the crowd threw at him and regurgitating it back to them tenfold as only The Duke of Metal can do, strutting around the stage in true Rich Ward fashion.

Those who came out to the show in Fort Wayne got exactly what they came for- a night of rock, metal, Fozzy and fun. To quote Jericho from the end of the show, everyone should have gone home and told everyone they got their asses kicked by Fozzy.

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They may still be growing in popularity but one thing that sets Fozzy apart is that regardless of the crowd size, venue, and tour, they always leave it all on stage. Whether you see Fozzy at Rock on the Range or Download Festival in front of hudreds of thousands of people or at a club show in front of a couple hundred, you\’re going to get the same show. Fozzy always leaves it all on the table and gives you exactly what you came for and makes sure you get the most bang for your buck.

Fozzy is picking up more and more steam as the year goes on and the album cycle is only beginning. After this tour they\’re staying out on the road, joining Texas Hippie Coalition for a tour that\’s guaranteed to be even more fun than their current one.

-Reggie Edwards