Fozzy- Sin and Bones

\"\" by Reggie Edwards Fozzy have come a long way since their start as a cover band and nothing is more evident of this than their upcoming record,Sin and Bones. If you like 80’s metal, such as Metallica, Motorhead or Megadeth, this is the album for you. From the onset of “Spider in My Mouth,” I was hooked. The guitar work of metal veteran Rich Ward had me intoxicated and the surprisingly good metal vocals of WWE superstar Chris Jericho had me on the edge of my seat rocking out. What I loved about this record is the different sides we see of Fozzy. There’s songs like “Blood Happens” and “Sandpaper” featuring Avenged Sevenfold’s M. Shadows, which have the aggressive metal sound we all love. But then there’s songs like “A Passed Life” and “Inside My Head,”  (also my personal two favorites) that have that slow but powerful metal ballad sound that made some bands big back in the day. This is definitely the best we’ve seen to-date from Fozzy and anyone who appreciates some good metal should check this one out. Rating 9/10