Foxy Shazam shares haunting new video \”Dancing With My Demons\”

Today, innovative rock n’ rollers Foxy Shazam shared their new song and cinematic video Dancing With My Demons”, which will appear on their upcoming album The Heart Behead You. \”Dancing With My Demons\” clocks in at 4:30 of caustic rock – the kind of tune that only Foxy could pull off with a flair that is equally effervescent and haunting. The vocals are soaring and theatrical, underpinned by a powerful performance from the band through a symphony of horns, guitars, and drums that add emphasis to the swirling theme of the track.

Most groups are content with creating an official video that accompanies the song – this wouldn\’t be nearly enough for Foxy though. Filmed at Bobby Mackey\’s (widely considered to be one of the most haunted venues in the world, as featured on the Travel Channels \”Haunted History\”), the video has a deliciously sinister setup: A midwestern cowboy-type visits a haunted honky tonk, wherein he encounters demonic doppelgangers & transforms into a glam-cowboy rockstar..or does he? You can watch the official video here to find out.

Speaking on the creation of the video and track, vocalist and maestro Eric Nally has this to say:

“I let God in the room while making a play about the Devil” 

Set for release on February 14th, 2022 (Valentine’s Day for the less informed) through the band’s own label, EEEOOOAH, The Heart Behead You marks Foxy Shazam’s seventh full-length album. The nine songs on the record each tell a journey through the highs and lows of love, both in a relationship and with oneself. The majority of the album was self-recorded at multi-use space The LodgeKY, just outside their hometown of Cincinnati, OH, where the band built a studio on a stage to track the songs live, with additional production and mixing from James Sáez.

Diving into the theme of the album, the band stated:

“The title of the album ‘The Heart Behead You’ is our way of saying let your heart be the guide. As artists there’s always a danger of overthinking what you\’re feeling so we choose to put the heart before the head.”

You can watch the video for \”Dancing With My Demons\” here and pre-order The Heart Behead You here.  The band will embark on their headlining Hidden Treasure tour w/ Robert Finley starting February 12th. Full itinerary is below.

Foxy Shazam is: Eric Nally (vocals) / Sky White (piano) / Teddy Aitkins (drums/vocals) / Alex Nauth (horns) / Devin Willams (guitar) / Trigger Warning (bass).

The Heart Behead You Tracklist:
1. I\’m In Love
2. Heart
3. Only Love
4. Fall Into the Night
5. Kingdom Come
6. Dancing with My Demons
7. Nothing to Lose
6. Love Rush Ecstacy
9. Love Like This