Foxy Shazam in Indianapolis

What do you get when you combine, Queen, Meatloaf, The Struts and The Darkness all into one band? You get Foxy Shazam and, when they announced their reunion in 2020 and tour in 2021, the Foxy Shazam faithful snagged every concert ticket available. The band’s Hidden Treasures reunion tour was a complete sellout in Indianapolis and the band played a massive 19-song setlist, which featured fan favorites, deep cuts and tracks off every record for a “best of” styled set and the fans were loving every minute of it, not once showing any sign of fatigue. With each member of the band showing their own identity, they looked like a band that didn’t belong together at all but yet somehow were a perfect combo. Singer Eric Nally pranced around stage, kicking the mic stand over and pulling it back up with his foot, somersaulting across the stage, standing on keyboard Sky White’s stool behind him and much more. Along with White crowd surfing with his keyboard and standing on the keyboard while he played, the band was operating at the highest level, fluidly going from hard rock to broadway show tunes to Queen-style ballads to theatrical rock, you couldn’t help but smile and have fun watching. If anything’s for sure after their Indy show, it’s that it feels like no time went by between Foxy Shazam going on hiatus and coming back out of retirement. Foxy Shazam is back and better than ever. -Reggie Edwards