Foreveratlast set the bar high opening for Anti-Flag

Foreveratlast may be one of the local Indianapolis bands that plays the most around town. They\’ve gotten a new sense of aggression and energy lately- not that they needed one- in signing with Victory Records, a well-deserved signing if there ever was one.

Fresh off their signing they played a show at Indy\’s Emerson Theater with punk legends Anti-Flag, who were out on the road playing their Terror State album in its entirety with support from Such Gold and The Homeless Gospel Choir.

Foreveratlast kicked off the show in perfect fashion, coming out with such intensity you\’d think they\’ve been signed for years.

They owned the stage in every way and demanded every ounce of energy from the fans. It\’s obvious they have a following in Indy by the amount of people who came out to see them and they didn\’t let those fans down at all.

Foreveratlast isn\’t just a band- they\’re a band with a message. That message is to forget all labels and just be yourself.

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It\’s no surprise Victory snagged Foreveratlast. If they continue this way it wouldn\’t be long before other major labels are knocking at their door.

After an amazing set by The Homeless Gospel Choir and a mediocre performance by Such Gold, it was time for the organized chaos that comes with Anti-Flag.

Playing The Terror State in its entirety you knew the place would be packed and that the level of insanity and carnage would be through the roof and that\’s exactly what it was.

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With crowd surfers, stage divers and circle pits everywhere, it was an experience you just can\’t put into words except for destruction. The band was in perfect form and sounded as good as ever and showed no signs of stopping any time soon. As the set went on, fans were getting more and more involved in the show and by the end of the night there was no escaping the pits that erupted all over the room.

If you want a punk show, Anti-Flag are sure to deliver- just like they did in Indianapolis.

-Reggie Edwards