For Today- Prevailer review


by Reggie Edwards

For Today are set to release an impressive package that will make any metal fan or For Today fan rush to the store to pick it up.

Set for an April 2 release, Prevailer is an EP/DVD combo which captures every stage of the band’s long road to the top.

The EP is signature For Today. A lot of Christian bands will water down their message as they get more popular and successful- leave it to For Today to do the exact opposite. If anything, their mission and message have gotten stronger over the years.

There’s no doubt this is For Today. Mattie Montgomery’s screams and growls are stronger than ever on this one- for an EP, this is an amazing release and one of the band’s strongest.

The cover even sums up what For Today is all about. Christians are stereotyped as being happy and soft while For Today takes that stereotype and kicks it to the ground, showing Christians can have a side of them that can only be described as fiery and fierce.

Prevailer\’s artwork shows a Jesus that looks like he\’s ready to go to war- again going against the stereotypes.

If Immortal and Breakker were battle cries then Prevailer is the start of an intimidating war cry that no one will be able to stop.

The DVD, which is a must-have for any For Today fanatic, documents the band’s early days with interviews from each member.

The documentary goes into detail about Montgomery joining the band, some of their first tours, why they kept going when it got rough, and how they got to where they are now as well as where they want to go.

This is one impressive package courtesy of For Today and something more bands need to do, quite honestly.

Rating: 9/10