For Today- Immortal

by Reggie Edwards One thing I’ve always loved about For Today is the fact that they are one of the most extreme-sounding Christian bands in\"\" the industry today but their lyrics are so in-your-face about their faith that you get worship experience from them. I like to refer to their music as Christian battle music. Their latest release, Immortal, is no exception. I didn’t think it could get any better after their previous record, Breaker, but I was wrong. Immortal offers the same Christian faith-based lyrics but ups the ante a level, something that’s very evident from the opening song, “Fearless,” which talks about Christians having no fear as long as they have God on their side. What I liked about Immortal is that For Today don’t try to emulate the success of Breaker, which had a lot of spoken word tracks and was a concept album. Instead, they took what they accomplished on that album, built on it and picked right up where they left off without repeating themselves. Immortal is the perfect album for the Christians who want the sound of a hardcore or metalcore band but also want some strong Christian lyrics. If you want an album that will get you amped up about God and also give you something to headbang until your neck is raw, this is the album for you. Rating: 9/10 Label: Razor and Tie Records